Around the World in Eighty Days is an adventure novel by Jules Verne
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Our multi-destination trips make it easy to visit more than one place in a single trip
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Our unique algorithm optimize trips by cost, time and weight of inspiration
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Our trips created with direct flights only, without inconvenient airports, without early morning flights
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What we do is the smart and effortless way to design your travel itineraries. We offer an all-in-one trip plan search, from commercial flights, trains, buses and ferries to hotels and vacation rentals through Airbnb and

Our algorithms, website, mobile app, and AI-powered backend help save time, money and energy by comparing top travel opportunities to show the perfect trip at the cheapest price.

Our UI makes it easy to visually choose, optimize and edit results to get an awesome adventure.
The Idea
«Why don't I go to Paris for a while?» is the way many people dream of traveling. We at Eightydays think a bit differently - What if your trip will include more cities at a more or less the same cost? What if your journey to Paris will include Nice, Rome and a micro-trip around Sicily?

Pay less and get more. Pay only $200 for 5 cities in a tour instead $200 for a conventional round-trip.

The Challenge
Our system is based on a complex resource-intensive mathematical salesman problem, which belongs to NP-hard tasks. Methods of solving this problem which already exist are very slow.

And our method is based on our own unique algorithms and artificial intelligence.

We gather data about trains, flights, ferries and solve the problem in an elegant way!

1456 cities

There are 941 airports, 412 train stations, and 14 ferry terminals.
604 carriers

We use data from airlines, railway carriers and ferry operators.
3 continents

We operate in North America, Eurasia and Australia.
75,113 users

These are registered beta-users of our system. The number of visitors is ten times larger.
Discover the Roadmap
Every day we work hard to make a planning of an adventure easier and perfect.
If you want the full version, please, contact us directly.
released Dec 5th 2018
One of the main features to be added in the near future is a possibility to select a must visit city in the tour. For example, you will be able to choose not only the destination country, but also a city you definitely want to see.
released Dec 5th 2018
User profile will allow us to understand its owner, their search history and their interests better. The user in their turn will be able to create their own tour themes. In the future users will be able to create their public profiles.
released Dec 5th 2018
One of the most important upcoming updates will include a possibility to save trips which will provide an opportunity to discuss the tours with your loved ones at the dinner table and make great decisions together.
released Dec 5th 2018
A function, which will allow you to customize all the generated tours. Only imagine what will happen when will be able to replace any city in a generated tour by another and to do so you will only have to click and select a city from the list. In the first version of this feature cities in the drop down list will be ranked according to price, like in the picture.
Our big dream is to make event travel available, which will be based on dates of festivals, conferences and local holidays.
We would like to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect data to track personal preferences and travel histories, to build individual user profiles, and make smart recommendations — and therefore, present travelers with options that make sense for them.
Business trip planning takes a while. We are building functionality that will allow you to synchronize work meetings and business contacts in different cities and that will suggest
the best route and cost of the tour. For instance, we will let you know about an opportunity to visit another partner's city from your priority list.

We see that many of our users are not very familiar with the cities we offer, so we also would like to add more emotion to the map with a generated tour - this will come in a special window with important info and photos of the city. And activities.
In the future we will be able to build more theme tours: honeymoon tours of exotic islands, culinary trips across Europe, diving tours or extreme activity tours. Just imagine!

We appreciate loyalty programs and understand that when planning a journey, many use opportunities provided by such programs. We support this and are ready to build routes, picking flights of your favorite air company.
We would like to gain more opportunities for domestic tourism in different countries, that is why we are looking for partners all over the world. Our tours will provide an opportunity for local companies specialising on inbound tourism to show their country.
FOR $900 (IN TEST)
A feature for which we even want to release a special badge (pin) - Flown around the Earth! Our research shows that inexpensive travel around the earth is possible and the cost of such trips ranges from $850 to $1300. That is 15 flights and 14 cities around the world.
Who we are
We are the team that got together three years ago for an idea to create a global product for the travel industry which could plan beautiful multimodal tours in all the new ways. As a result, this turned into a fascinating app that can build awesome trips around Europe.

We all work to discover incredible opportunities that today's technologies are capable of. Among us are mathematicians, businessmen, marketers, engineering rock-stars and designers.
Michael Larchanka
Co-founder & Developer
EPAM Systems, Liberty Global, Sytac IT, High Torque Software, Galvanize Digital Solutions, Ontourcloud. Bachelor's degree Of Engineering. He has 19 years of software development experience.
Alex Kruchenok
CTO & Co-founder
Apalon, PandaDoc, Ciklum, Nalanga, Ontourcloud. He has 26 years of software development experience.

Facebook | LinkedIn
Aleh Tsikhanau
CEO & Founder, A-one, Koktebel Jazz festival, Ontourcloud. One of the 100 European innovators 2018 according to the Financial Times.

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Artem Gorny
Co-founder & Investment
Attack Concert, Ontourcloud, Moscow Aviation Institute
Andrei Kulik
Advisor & Investment
Engineer at Google, Fabby, AIMatter. Strategic planning. Machine learning / deep learning. He has 20 years of software development experience.
Hanna Zhyhar
Product Manager
Ontourcloud, MeetnGreetMe. Degree in Applied Science and Economic Cybernetics.

Vasili Melekh
Lead Software Engineer
Top Soft, Galaktika corp, Majstar Web Programming Services,, Software engineer, Belarusian State University bachelor's degree of engineering. He has 21 years of software development experience.

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Alla Kuchinskaya
R-Style Lab, Golos Media Blockchain, Flo, WannaNails, SmartSatu

Yaugenii Kuzmich
Ontourcloud. Author and developer AECS (MRP & ERP methodologies). Bachelor's Degree of Physics. He has 19 years of software development experience.

Yaroslav Budyansky
GP travel solutions, Wargaming, Ontourcloud. Bachelor's degree In Computer Science
Masha Bakatsiuk
Marketing Advisor
Ontourcloud,, Glispa. Bachelor's Degree of Managerial Economics
Max Zhylitski
Product Management
Wargaming. Bachelor's Degree Of Software Information Technology
We are Eightydays, Inc.

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